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***My dog is getting a rabies shot today. Can he come in afterward?

No. We suggest waiting 24 hrs to monitor for any adverse reaction.

***Do you do cats???

We do but they have to be sedated thru Carolina Place Animal Hospital (same building). 

***What do you do to prevent the spread of illness?

We are very conscious of health issues in this field. We will not allow any dog who is displaying signs of illness to stay. We use bleach on the floors and industrial strength sanitizer in our kennels.  

***How long will it take?

Generally we ask for 2-3 hrs for a bath, 4-5 hrs for hair cutting or deshedding treatments.

***Can you be done any sooner than that?

Yes. We offer ASAP appointments where your dog is worked straight through without any down time spent in a kennel. These generally take an hour or two depending on the dog and the service. There is a $20 fee. 

***What if I refer a friend??

If someone comes in for a service and mentions your name you get $10 off your next visit!!

***Do I need to make an appointment??

We take walk-ins if we have the time to work them in. Appointments are highly recommended. 

***How far in advance do I need do make an appointment?

Sometimes we can get you in the same day, otherwise expect a day or 2 delay. Saturdays fill up fast.

***What is included with a bath, style or shedding treatment?

All services include nail trimming, ear cleaning(plucking if needed),anal gland expression and sanitary shaving.

***Do you do boarding?